Weekend activities.

I am posting at both blogs but posting the same thing, read whichever one you prefer.

I still can’t figure out how to get Shayna’s musichighway code up on my wordpress blog, because in the free wordpress blogs you can’t change the code in any way. The rental code doesn’t work there either.

makes me sick.

I’ll not mention golf today except to say because of the weather I can’t play.

My son wants to go to this park, a park which opened here last year on the side of the highway and has continued to grow and now sports a roller coaster, a roller coaster which by all accounts was put in illegally without proper permits, a roller coaster which came from another site and has been traced back to at least 1976.

My son is too young for roller coasters, he just wants to ride the merry go round and if it stops raining that is where I will be this afternoon, and if the sun comes out maybe I’ll take him to hit some golf balls, it’s never too early to learn.

Oil Remains Below $60 A Barrel

I just love me some cheap cheaper gas.

If you are flying around the internet go take a peak at Shayna’s baby pictures.

Be aware of Darfur at Cooper’s blog Hell on Earth, a lot of worthwhile reading their this week. While you’re at it check out her personal musings.

Check out pia’s guest posters; interesting people.

I’m sorry I mentioned golf twice.


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