Same-sex marriage ban upheld by court
Ruling says change can come only from voters or Legislature
What strikes me a shameful in all this is that there is some statistical evidence that beibg married – unlike just living together and having a legal contract – it’s good for your health both mentally and physical. It allows you to live longer and be happier.

ALMOST inevitably in the way of these scandals, if disgraced Republican congressman Mark Foley ends up facing criminal charges, he will do so because of legislation that he championed.


Bush Pitches Incentive Pay For Teachers
It’s not about choices it is about fixing the schools which are not doiung their job; if most schools are not doing their job it is clear the problem is the whole system and this little bandaid will not work.

If you do any research you will see that most charter schools fail as well.

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One response to “Ramblings

  1. The whole Foley thing is just sick and twisted. I don’t think he is an alcoholic… it takes a sick and twisted individual to show oneself to the world as a saint and then living as a pervert out of the spot light…

    The Republicans need to take responsiblity and stop blaming the Democrats on this one… they knew they should have done something before it came out! Shows you that politics and keeping their “seat” is more important to them than the ethical right thing to do… jack asses!

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