acorns and asshats

The whole Foley thing disgusts me, but what disgusts me more is that some idiot on Hardball last night was blaming it on  gay people into public office, or positions of power; this asshat stated that gays statistically molest more than heterosexuals, and he cited some vague statistics. Chris Matthews did counter him on the statistics but he chose to ignore it.

May he stay in rehab forever.

It’s not bad enough they take five weeks off to campaign when the country is such a mess now they have all this back and forth bantering to waste our time on.

I hate pedophiles, and people in power who take advantage of those with less power but there are issues that are pressing that willbe overshadowed by this and that is unfortuante.

The weather is is crazy, warm then cold than warm again.

The squirrels are chomping off the end of the branches to get at the ever plentiful acorns. There are a lot of acorns this year, and instread of kocking them off one by one the squirrels chomp on the end of the branch, it breaks and falls on the ground and the squirrels go et it on the ground


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