My Excuse

Pia mentioned that I might be becoming lethargic. ( on political issues)

I guess my golf posts are not doing it for anyone these days.
Let me mention that Tiger won this weekend.

Now to address the politics issue.

I wrote a long comment in my last post which addresses that.

I’m not lethargic or unaware, as a matter of fact I am more active than ever in certain areas and am doing things instead of writing about them.
This is part was thanks to cooper and some of her posts as well as information she gave me on local opportunities to participate in my own government. I guess when someone lays it in front of you, tells you where to go and who to call in order to do something then there is no excuse.

I am working on a volunteer capacity for a campaign when I can and it is eye opening. I often just want this blog to be fun. I never intended to have a blog, I only wanted to read the blogs of others.

Sometimes I’m lazy and still only want to read the blogs of others.
I do have quite a bit to do this week with having to fill out Shayna’s music questionnaire and all.


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