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He is human afterall.

I’ve done my hiring for the week and have just signed a contract with two more clients.

From Slate. Won’t Deploy? Can’t Deploy.

Watching Jim Lehrer last night, an episode about the traumatic brain injury suffered to many of out soldiers due to the type of explosions used these days; this was a scary revelation to me. Often times just the explosions. from the improvised explosion devices, cause the brain to rock back and forth inside the skull causing brain damage which at first often goes undetected; the potential is great for the soldiers who have been rocked by these blasts to somewhere along the line be found to have damage, it often goes undetected until someone all of a sudden starts acting strange, not as sharp, not as likely to follow orders, has personality changes, or starts forgetting things- including their family.

This was an update on an older series they have been covering, but I’ll tell you it hit me hard. The estimates of the number of soldiers who have this are high and getting higher.

There is an mp3 link.

What are we doing?

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