I vote – for the US to win the Ryder Cup

I voted in our primary yesterday.

Maryland had some hiccups in that area. I hope this doesn’t happen in November.

“Comptroller William Donald Schaefer, whose political career spans six decades, lost in his bid to retain his job.”

Every dog has his day and Donald’s day has long past.

My wife and I hate a late afternoon “date” to vote. I knew that one of my blogger friends was working the poll where I vote and so we went a little early so we could meet her before she left; she was a sign holder, pamphlet passer, and she was doing a fine job.Who wouldn’t take a pamplet from her anyway?

Great as well as strange meeting someone from the internet; she was exactly what I would have expected and we all took off for Rachael’s – a local coffee shop tavern.

My wife fell in love with her; they looked at pictures of our son, and talked about the local women’s group “Women in Black”, women attorneys, and vegetables; I chimed in about marketing a campaign and we talked for a short time about the Republican Congressional Rep for the district and the changes of the Democratic rep defeating him in November.

There is a sixth degree of separation I am convinced. It turns out my wife knows someone Cooper knows quite well.

Other news. The Ravens won a big one Sunday.

Redskins lose again.

The Ryder Cup. One area where the presence of the Tiger has never seemd to help us.

Pia has had some very good guest writers.

Shayna is adding to her family so go congratulate here.


2 responses to “I vote – for the US to win the Ryder Cup

  1. I’m jealous… you and Coop got to meet… maybe someday I too will meet the likes of the two of you!!! 🙂 Your website is looking good, BTW.

  2. Thank you Shayna. I like this site it is easier to deal with and looks better.
    My wife may be hooking up with her or at least with the women’s shelter there in the city she lives in.
    I came to the conclusion that because my opinion on her was correct my opinon on all the bloggers I know would be correct and they’ll all be perfect.

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