This is my song – for the asking.

Have yet to move to wordpress for real but I’ll be posting all posts on both blogs for now.

 I won’t have time to do much of anything related to this blog over the next month.

 I am starting up my own business while finishing some prior commitments at my former place of employment. I’m fortunate enough to have two permanent clients already and four new one time clients, but I have to work my ass off around the clock. I’m also interviewing candidates for the esteemed position of “assistant”.

A few things before I spend my weekend buried in work- and a round of golf. I filled up my gas tank yesterday and it was a relief to see it is cheaper than it has been in a long time. May this trend continue!

 Is it no surprise that most of what the industry does is deliberately misleading? Especially Disney.

And from the New York Daily News another quote which irritated my wife.

Couric, who accessorized her black jacket and skirt with three strings of pearls, also continued to tout the show’s new user-friendly interactive features, including its ongoing quest to solicit viewers to choose her signoff.

Did they ever comment on Dan Rather’s accessories? I’d liked this commentary and am willing to give Couric a chance. Pia is winding down with some good stuff before to leaving us in the hands of some mystery guest bloggers as she goes off to write her book, and Cooper suggests flogging Fay Weldon for her orgasmic advice even as she ( along with the library man ) continues to promote awareness of the non relenting tragedy in Darfur.

 I found another good blog while reading my bloggers buddies links. The Fat Lady Sings.

jacob out


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